Davis Children

Davis Children
Ernest and Chessell's first 6 children...

10 September 2015

I have been remiss in not posting - some life circumstances changed and it has me a bit distracted from the work I had been doing, as well as laid off from the income producing work I was doing.

But this got me thinking... I wonder how these things were handled by my ancestors?  I know from some research that it appears that my 6th Great Grandfather - Capt Israel Davis - likely lost much of his once large business as a merchant due to the Revolutionary War. More on him later but he is a target of much of my research.

And my Great grandparents - the Davis', the Upson's how did they fare?  In the Great Depression the Davis' had to split up, farm some kids out to go find work to pay their taxes. They had an apple business and a freeze killed much of the orchard and the crop. My Great Grandfather Ernest went to Rhode Island and worked in a hospital to make money. 

My Great Grandfather Upson had been involved in the Railroad and Real Estate in Buffalo. He was old enough to have been retired during that time, but apparently was very involved still. His daughter- my grandmother- and my grandfather were obviously products of surviving that time. They wasted nothing - lived modestly and made due with what they had. Nothing was wasted.

I find myself these days thinking of them, hoping that my genes contain all of theirs. Hoping that my brain has absorbed the lessons passed down the branches of my tree. ANd hoping they are angels on my shoulders...