Davis Children

Davis Children
Ernest and Chessell's first 6 children...

23 August 2015

Day One

it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with updating all in the family as we literally move through our lives. My father and cousin Royce started the work on our family tree not too long after my dad retired. Many versions of their work followed and then, sadly, the passing of my father. Boxes of notes and binders were saved and stored until one day, I too was bitten by the same bug.

I have completely recreated and verified the work they both painstakingly did. I chose to use digital online sources, while referring to those binders and notes. I like to think my version had a much smaller carbon footprint then theirs, yet I too spent countless hours in its creation. My family tree on Ancestry has close to 10,000 people in it.

Along my journey I have found new information, verified facts and been blessed with finding some interesting "things". This blog is to share those discoveries...the ones past and the ones yet to come in hope that the next generation will be able to continue "our" quest, and that you are "caught up".

Laurie Davis

"The Southernmost Davis"
Ft Lauderdale, FL

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