Davis Children

Davis Children
Ernest and Chessell's first 6 children...

29 August 2015

Harrison -- Con't

The current DAVIS Family book [again written my my father George Davis and cousin Royce Miller] states Harrison was "a foot soldier"for the Union Army. Clearly, I think I have found that he is deserving of being classified a bit higher then that and in light of all the battles his artillery served in, prominent and horrific, I know the family will think of him a bit differently now.

Harrison was discharged in DC and returned to the little town of Liberty, March 1864. 

He met and married Martha Jane Boynton in January of the next year and they had a daughter Alice Julia in November of that year. She was followed by Laura Annie, Stanton Elbridge, Clara Adah, my Great Grandfather Ernest Augustus, Rose Emily and Harrison Everett Davis. 

My family will all recognize names that have been used in successive generations to pay tribute to their ancestors. My great grandfather Ernest named sons after his brother's [and father Harrison], his older brother Stanton Elbridge Davis having died at 25 from Tuberculosis when Ernest was 15. Sadly...the children named for him also died young, Stanton at the age of 5 and Ernest Chester [known as Chester tot he family] at the age of 4.  Many men in the family have one of those names as middle name tributes.  My name is just a coincidence - chosen by my mother but I like to think maybe a few Davis angels assisted....

Harrison would go on to live to the age of 73, eventually succumbing to heart issues - likely the same ones that got him discharged from his Civil War service.

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