Davis Children

Davis Children
Ernest and Chessell's first 6 children...

23 August 2015


Ernest and Chessell [Bryant] Davis were married on  25 Mar 1900. They are my Great Grandparents and lived their lives in Waldo County, Maine. This photo is the second of the two that my Ancestry contact "KeriQueen"  had found. 

Conveniently, this was just before her aunt was going to be in the same town where these photos were taken, where the family homestead/farm is located and she was kind enough to return it to the family.

This is their wedding photo, never before seen by our family as far as everyone seems to know. We used it on T shirts for our family reunion in 2012.

The photo below...is them celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, 1950. After 16 kids [only 13 making it to adulthood] and the trials of the Great Depression - family was the thing that was a common thread - and a strong one.  

Ernest & Chessell Davis - 50th Anniversary

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