Davis Children

Davis Children
Ernest and Chessell's first 6 children...

23 August 2015

The Photo...

The image I chose to use above is a story in itself. One day I was contacted through my tree on Ancestry asking if I would help identifying a photo that only had "Chessell's Children" written in pencil on the back. It was sent to me, digitally, and I immediately recognized my grandfather - Arnold Davis - as the eldest in the photo. 

He was born in 1900, lived to almost 101 but I really did not have many photos of him as a kid. Much of that was due to the family circumstance and location, taking photos in rural Maine was not convenient at that time nor inexpensive I presume. So finding, or being found more correctly, was great. I asked for help from my more senior family members, plus then was able to share it at the same time. 

So...the verdict was that the photo is L to R:
Arnold, Norman, Edna, Stanton, Chester and Theo  

taken before Stanton and Chester died in 1909. 

I do not know, yet, how this photo ended up with the woman who contacted me. She said it was in a collection of photos her aunt had. There is more to this story...stay tuned...

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